Style Breakdown Of The One Man That Fury Fears

This is not some long post about Usyk’s story. 

Il ne s'agit pas de savoir ce qui l'a amené à la boxe

Et il ne s'agit pas de savoir pourquoi il continue à se battre

This is purely focused on HOW HE FIGHTS. It’s a study guide for you to know the main techniques, tips, and tricks

That is used by the Unified Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Vous pouvez donc commencer à mettre en œuvre certains aspects de sa stratégie dans votre propre style de combat et augmenter votre QI global de boxe. 

Entrons donc dans le vif du sujet...


Age - 36

Debut - September 11, 2013

Next Fight - Daniel Dubois 

Record - 20-0

KOs - 13 (65%)

Height - 191cm

Reach - 198cm

Stance - Southpaw

1. The Ukrainian Southpaw 

Oleksandr Usyk's fight style is centered around his adept mastery of the southpaw stance despite him being a right-handed fighter. 

This idea of right-handed southpaws is popular in the Ukrainian boxing scene and is most famously known to be used by the previously unified lightweight champion of the world Lomachenko, 

Usyk also uses this orientation to his advantage by having his jab on his strong hand meaning he can throw it harder, faster, and more accurately 

While also being able to exploit the unfamiliar angles thanks to the uncommon southpaw stance. 

This stance can often disrupt the timing and rhythm of orthodox fighters, giving Usyk a tactical edge from the very beginning of a bout. 

Usyk's ability to capitalize on his stance's advantages is a testament to his skill and is certainly one of the reasons that he is currently the unified heavyweight champion of the world

2. Active Lead Hand and Tactical Parries

The next defining feature of Usyk's fight style is his active lead hand. 

He keeps his lead hand in constant motion, using it to gauge distance, control the pace of the fight, and set up his punches. 

Not only that but this also gets his opponents used to his hands being in motion

What this means is that when it is actually time for Usyk to throw, he is able to move his hands without his opponents flinching 

Because they believe that he is just going to wave it around like he has previously been doing all the fight

So it essentially disguises the punch and gives the opponents much less time to react

Moreover, his impeccable timing and reflexes enable him to execute hard parries with precision, often intercepting opponents' jabs before they can land. 

This defensive technique not only neutralizes his opponents' attacks but also knocks his opponents off balance while creating openings for his counterattacks. 

By effectively countering jabs with his parries, Usyk establishes a rhythm that allows him to control and dictate the flow of the fight.

3. Footwork and Angles

Usyk's footwork is extremely subtle but definitely powerful once you understand why he does what he does

What does he do?

Well as he punches, he will step not just forward but slightly to the right which not only gets his head off the center line but also makes him hard to hit

On top of that, it also opens up a pipeline for his straight left hand to go straight through his opponent's guard and into their nose.

4. Dynamic Punching Combinations

A constant whirlwind of movement, Usyk never allows his hands to rest. 

His continuous hand movement keeps opponents guessing and forces them into a defensive posture. 

This rapid-fire approach allows him to seamlessly switch between head and body shots, constantly probing for weaknesses in his opponent's defenses. 

The result is a relentless barrage of punches that disrupt opponents' rhythm and prevent them from finding their own offensive opportunities. 

This dynamic punch combination strategy reflects Usyk's commitment to maintaining control of the fight's tempo and direction.

5. Baiting and Countering

One of Usyk's craftiest tactics involves baiting opponents with a soft and slow jab. 

This seemingly deceivingly harmless move lures opponents into committing to their shots, setting them up for Usyk's lightning-fast defensive maneuvers. 

His ability to evade and counter in the blink of an eye showcases his exceptional reflexes and strategic acumen. 

When facing orthodox opponents, Usyk adds an extra layer of complexity by coming over their jabs with his own curved jab, exploiting the open space and often catching them off-guard with his unconventional approach.

6. Fluid Movement and Defensive Mastery

Usyk's movement is characterized by constant fluidity – he never stands still. 

This perpetual motion prevents opponents from cornering him and forces them to continually adjust their positions. 

By coordinating head movement with his footwork, he masterfully avoids incoming punches while staying within range to launch his own attacks. 

His high guard and precise slipping techniques are the cornerstones of his defense, allowing him to deflect shots and minimize damage effectively.

7. Pivot and Offensive Surge

A significant aspect of Usyk's offense is his use of pivots. 

After slipping punches, he often pivots to his right, setting the stage for swift counterattacks. 

This strategic move serves to create angles that catch opponents off-balance, making it difficult for them to predict his next move. 

Usyk's seamless transition from defensive evasiveness to offensive aggression showcases his ability to dictate the pace of the fight and keep his adversaries guessing.


This fight breakdown focuses on the boxing style of Usyk, 

Il donne un aperçu des techniques, des stratégies et des astuces qu'il utilise dans sa carrière professionnelle. 

Bien qu'il ne s'étende pas sur son passé personnel ou ses motivations, j'espère qu'il vous a fourni des informations précieuses d'une manière facile à comprendre, afin que vous puissiez incorporer son style de combat dans votre propre répertoire. 

Personally, I have found his footwork and high work rate to be the most useful,

Mais je recommande tout de même de tout essayer pour voir ce que vous aimez, ce que vous n'aimez pas et ce qui correspond le mieux à votre style.

Parce qu'en fin de compte, le style de chacun est différent et ce qui fonctionne pour l'un ne fonctionnera pas toujours pour l'autre.

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