Boxings 7 Super fights taking place within the next 4 months

Only 2 months into 2024 and we could be looking at the biggest year for boxing fans that we have seen in DECADES


Because within the next 4 months, we are going to get 7 highly anticipated super fights with some of the most famous and skilled fighters on the planet.

Plus there is also a lot of talk about potential super fights that are going to be set up later in the year… 

To give the fans the best year in boxing that we have seen since the Mike Tyson error.

So what are these 7 super fights that I am talking about…

And what are these potential super fights that are yet to be confirmed?

Keep reading to find out…

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Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou

This fight will be happening on the 8th of March in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

With both fighters coming off a great performance and both being known as heavy hitters

This fight night has been named Knockout Chaos because it is almost guaranteed to not see 12 rounds

With Anthony Joshua(27-3-0 24KO’s) coming off a knockout win against Otto Wallin 

And Francis Nagnnou(0-1-0) recently knocking down the current heavyweight champion of the world in only the third round. 

Nobody knows how the fight will go down

But what we do know is that 1 fighter is definitely going down.

P.S. The winner of this fight has another super fight lined up that will be revealed below.

Tim Tszyu vs Keith Thurman Latest Fight News

Tim Tszyu vs Keith Thurman

This fight takes place on the 30th of March in Las Vegas.

Keith Thurman is the more experienced fighter with a much better resume,

And Tim Tsyzu is the younger, stronger fighter who is still yet to be defeated. 

Nobody can be sure who will come out as the victor. Now I know Tszyu is definitely the favorite, 

However, with his lack of experience in the bigger fights, it is definitely too early to rule Thurman out.

Thurman vs Tszyu Live Stream & Fight Preview | March 30, 2024

Rolly Romero vs Isaac Cruz 

This fight will take place as the co-main event for the Tszyu vs Thurman fight. 

With Isaac Cruz being the more experienced fighter, who was able to go the distance with Gervonta Davis…

Unlike Rolando who got knocked out in the 6th round against Davis,

Isaac Cruz is the favorite to win this fight but he is also stepping up to a weight class that Romero is already comfortable in, meaning that he will be the smaller guy in this fight.

So this fight will mainly depend on how Romero has improved since his fight with Davis and how well Cruz is able to fight in the higher weight class.

Haney Vs Garcia signed for April 20

Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia

This fight was only recently announced and will be taking place on the 20th of April in Las Vegas.

What makes this fight so interesting is the fact that Garcia and Haney actually have a past in the amateurs. In fact, they faced each other 6 times and both have won 3 of those fights each.

Now let’s be honest, it looks like Haney has come further since then and is definitely the favorite to win this fight.

But I would argue that we haven’t actually seen Ryan Garcia at his best. Remember he fought Gervonta Davis and lost. 

However, his ribs were injured in training, he was fighting in a much lower weight class and Davis insisted on a ridiculous rehydration clause that definitely affected Garcia's performance.

Unlike Davis, Haney is fighting him at a more comfortable weight class where he will be able to show the full extent of his skill.

So even though Haney is definitely the favorite, I would say that he is guaranteed to beat Garcia. Not yet at least.

Loma heads down under as 'The Emperor' dares to be great again

Vasyl Lomachenko vs George Kambosos 

Then this fight is placed only 3 weeks after Garcia vs Haney, on May 11th in Perth Australia.

Like the last fight, Lomachenko is the big favorite to win this fight. With the bigger career, harder fights, and recent performance(win) against Devin Haney…

A lot of people have ruled out the idea of Kambosos even standing a chance in this fight.

But once again I believe he is the dark horse of this fight, hear me out…

In the past Lomachnko has struggled against his style of brawlers. The best example I have of this is Lomachenko's loss against Lopez. Coincidently as well Kambosos happen to beat Lopez.

So there is a chance that Kambosos can put the pressure on Lomachenko and force him to make mistakes and catch him off guard.

New ring of fire Fury vs Usyk poster : r/Boxing

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk

Only a week after Kambosos vs Usyk, this fight takes place on May 18th in Riyad Saudi Arabia.

When the 2 kings of the heavyweight division face off against each other, so one will become the first undisputed heavyweight champion since 1999.

Now this fight was meant to take place this weekend, however, Fury suffered an accidental cut in sparring which will take a few months to fully heal and allow him to get back in fighting shape.

As for the favorite, Fury is the favorite on betting sites, however…

I think this is one of the most unpredictable and closely matched fights this decade and the truth is that anything could happen

P.S. For anyone worried that this fight will be canceled, both fighters have agreed to pay a 10 million dollar fine if they pull out of the next fight for whatever reason.

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Dmitry Bivol vs Artur Beterbiev

Lastly On June 1st, once again in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The 2 kings of the light heavyweight division will face off for the undisputed title.

As for the favorite, there is none. Both fighters are 50/50 on the betting sites and no one actually knows who could win this fight


Both Beterbiev and Bivol are yet to be challenged. Both fighters are undefeated and although they have had some fights that they had to work for, they’ve never had to dig deep and go into that 6th gear

For this reason, we don’t know how far either is willing to push. We know Bivol is a better boxer but Beterbiev is the better fighter. So the only question is…

Will Bivol's skill and focus be enough to keep off Beterbiev or will Beterbiev’s power be too much for Bivol to handle?

Rumored Fights

Now I won’t discuss who is most likely to win because there are dozens of rumored fights every year that don’t end up happening. 

So I’m not saying these fights will or won’t happen, all I’m saying is that there has been talk of these fights potentially coming to life.

What are these potential fights…

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4. Canelo vs. Jermall Charlo

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3. Winner of Joshua-Ngannou vs. Winner of Fury-Usyk

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